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Single-page websites for all kinds of things.

Create a single-page site for your profile, newsletter, portfolio, book,
pay-me page, service, etc. in about 5 minutes. Free to
create & customize, pay to publish when ready.

Create a single-page site for your ...
profile, newsletter, portfolio,
book, pay-me page, service, etc.
in about 5 minutes.

Leeflets are minimalist single-page websites optimized to do specific things extremely well — solutions anyone can use to launch a website in about 5 minutes from draft to published.

Each template includes a pre-designed/fixed layout and a simple panel/editor for customizing imagery, video, text, forms, colors and more.

By limiting customizability, your page will always be beautiful and responsive on any screen allowing you to focus on what matters most — the actual content of your page.

We’re just getting started, but we already have a good number of templates designed specifically for profiles, coming-soon pages, newsletters, portfolios, pay-me pages, books launches and more.

No need to sign up, just choose a template, create a page and see for yourself. If you like what you see, pay-to-publish.

Minimalist pages created with Leeflets.

No need to sign up, just create a page and see for yourself.


Company of One

Using the Book Template

Company of One is your official guide to building around the idea that staying small and avoiding growth can be more durable and even more enjoyable than business as usual from author Paul Jarvis.


Uncle Jessy

Using the Card Template

I'm Uncle Jessy & I love 3D Printing replica props for cosplay, making Xbox One videos for reddit, doing tech reviews, & every once in a while doing a vlog or two. I'm here to have fun & hopefully help brighten up your day.


Brian Gardner

Using the Profile Template

Based in Chicago, Brian Gardner is a creative entrepreneur, minimalist designer and founder of Authentik Studio.


Lee Rubenstein

Using the Card Template

Lee Rubenstein is a Dad, Husband, ARTrepreneur, Co-founder of ArtSnacks — a curated subscription box service of unique, high-quality art supplies. Lee is using the Card template for his perosonal website.


Veerle Pieters

Using the Folio Template

Veerle Pieters is a Belgian graphic/web designer, author of Veerle’s blog and chief of the playground at Duoh! She loves soulful deep house music & riding her bicycle. Vive le vélo!


Shelly Saves the Day

Using the Card Template

I'm Shelly, a YouTube Certified Content Creator from Seattle, here to encourage you and make the world of YouTube less scary.


Jason Schuller

Using the Pay Me Template

Hey, I’m Jason, a minimalist designer and maker of things for the web. I’m actually the founder and maker of Leeflets — hope you like what you see. Here’s an example of a Pay Me page created with Leeflets. Check it out and maybe go create your own. Thanks by the way — really appreciate you taking the time.

Our features include everything you need,
nothing you don’t.

Every page includes the ability to use your own domain (e.g. or ours (e.g. Both options come with a free SSL via Let's Encrypt.

All templates have been optimized for search and social. Customize exactly how you want your landing page to appear on any platform.

Sometimes too many options get in the way, you can customize and publish any page within minutes instead of hours or even days compared to other solutions.

Each template includes smart integrations with 3rd party platforms and services such as payment processors (e.g. Stripe and PayPal) and email marketing tools (e.g. MailChimp and Convertkit).

All templates have been designed and developed to be pixel-perfect, accessible and functional on any screen/size.

Leeflets are free to create & customize, then just $5.00 per month for each page to publish.

Sell Your Book

Create a Link Tree

Sell Your Services

Create a Profile

Create a Newsletter

Create a Portfolio

Use Your Domain

Get a Free SSL

Customize Your Brand

Optimize for Search

Optimize for Social

Grow Your Audience

More template options coming soon.

We’re just getting started. Here’s what’s coming soon.


In Development

Create a website for your event.


In Development

Create a website for donations.


In Development

Create a website for your services.


In Design

Create a website for any survey.


In Design

Create a website for any type of article or story.


In Design

Create a website for raising funds.

Just $5 per month for each page

Free to create & preview, then just $5.00/page/month to publish.


Choose a template to get started.

Create/customize as many pages as you like for free (no sign-up required)
then just pay-to-publish whenever you’re ready.

Create This Page

Create a website for your product powered by Stripe.

Create This Page

Create a website/card for your profile and links. The perfect solution for content creators.

Create This Page

Create a website for your portfolio. Add images, descriptions & links.

Create This Page
Pay Me

Create a Pay Me page — instantly accept payments via Stripe for any amount.

Create This Page
Buying Time

Create a website for your profile with a paid contact form powered by Stripe.

Coming Soon

Create a website for your podcast. List episodes, run your newsletter, link to Patreon.

Coming Soon

Create a website for your event. Customize details & sell registrations with PayPal or Stripe.

Coming Soon

Create a page for any type of job listing using your own brand and domain.

Created w/ Leeflets
Single Page Websites